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Why do people get sick? Sickness is caused by having too many desires. It is easy to get sick if you have too many desires and think too much; or eat something that you should not eat, say something that you should not say; or thing something you should not think. You get sick because you are not contented. If you are contented and happy. You will not have anything wrong with your body. all the excessive desires, resentments, and fatuity will make you ill and then the unpredictable ill tempers will emerge.

thing less, Desire little, and then your spirit will be pure. Therefore, vexations damage the spirit; excessive desires hurt the physical body. Do not have too many desires.

One ingredient of the magic medicine for your health is "to say good words often"
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You will not get ill easily if you have a pure heart, few desires, and you speak and behave carefully.

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Your mind is very chaotic, even Buddhas have difficulty in sending messages to you dreams. When can you receive signs and messages from Heaven them?
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If you do not feel well, repent and confess to Heaven. Start with the basics. Everything will be fine when your heart is calm and tranquil.

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A sincere heart is good medicine for all kinds of illness and pain. As a cultivator, you have to count on your own sincere heart towerds Dao, devote yourself to human beings. Then it will be possible for you to enjoy good circumstances.
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If you keep the cover of your gourd open often. Your physical body will be healthy. Therefore, do not keep vaxation or melancholy inside. Open the cover of the ground often; there is magic medicine in that. Once the magic medicine is unpacked, your own water of wisdom can heal both your heart and your body.
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Dao cultivation actually people learning from each other by exchanging views and experiences, and being improved by each other. Therefore, do not be afraid of failures; the more frustrations you have, the more courageous you steadfast and your spirit calm and collected. You will be healthy if you keep your heart peaceful and your energy in harmonious state. If your true nature is not stable, your spirit will be uneasy. If your spirit is not at ease and always feels disturbed, how can you be healthy?
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People now days have serious problums in their hearts and mind. Therefore, if you can find th sourcs, completely root out the problems from your hearts, misfortume will reach its limit and prrosperity will come. Once the heart is open, your wisdom will flow; difficult problems will be resolved. All the scriptires and teachings are there o heal the illnesses in people's heart. So calm yourself down and read the scriptures whenever you fce difficulties. Consult people with wisdom and have discussions with each other. Use your strengths to make up for one another's shortcoming. You must be able to find good ways to solve problems. Listening to the teaching of scripture can also free your heart and broaden your mind.
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None of the illnesses or pain in your body was given to you by other; Why does your body have so many illnesses and pains? Is it not: "Illnesses enter the body through the mouth and disaster emanates from careless talk"? Endure the suffering of your own, because suffering is the best recipe to refine you, make you stronger and have more faith to face your life.
If you want to be a good health, you must adopt a disciplined lifestyle. However, your state of mind is more important. If you are optimistic and happy, then you will have a good complexion. If you take everything too hard and are bound by vexation, sorrow will be written on your face and your face will look like a bitter gourd tast bitter, it is good for quenching the fire in your heart. People, whose heart are filled with unhappiness, should eat more bitter gourd to help soothe and alleviate their tempers.
An inner world without secular intention, sentiment, or inclination is more conformable to Dao and is more natural. When you are too sentimental and too intentional, you will cling onto relation and attachment everywhere. Then you will encounter obstacles wherever you go, and eventually you will not to be able to go anywhere. If you can let go of everything, you will feel much better and become highly spiritual.
Being greatful everyday is a way to nurture your life. If you are greatful, you will not complain or grumble, complaining and grunbling bear bitter fruits. Do not complain. Being angry and hateful makes you age faster.
Being forever young is very easy. If you can calm your heart, retain a peaceful mind and keep harmonious energy, you will be young forever. Since you do not hold any grudges, do not have excessive desires and do not want to compete with others, will always be happy.
In fact, everyone is a Buddha. You are living Buddha if you behave like one now, and you will have endless joy. Becouse of your physical body, you are able to serve others, and naturally, people will return favors to you. Do not be jealous or greedy and you will acquire more happincess.
Do not eat what you should not eat, do not play what you should not play, do not sleep when you should not sleep; these are the basic principles for a human being to follow and the ways to keep yourself in good health, too. What things should you not eat? Things like tobacco are harmful to your physical body. It is better to spend money on accumulating merits and building up virtues then on tobacco and alcohol. Furthermore, your phycial bodies are granted by Heaven; you should learn how to use your bodies properly. You should help people to receive Dao, and help them find their nature. Be a Buddha each and every day as long as you are alive. It is a waste if you do not help others; it will be never be in vain if you do.
I hope you all can yake good care of yourselves, show your kindest and most pious hearts: do not hesitate, nor wander arount; it will be extremely difficult to have a second chance if you missed this wonderful time and opportunity. Once you lose your physical body, it is not to get it back; you must seize every moment how to accumulate merits and build up virtues
Usually people only labor through working rather than exercise. The so-called 'working' means labor oneself both physically and mentally to exhaustion, until there is no leisure time for relaxing; exercise means to be very relaxed both physically and mentally. Being able to relax is an exercise.
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The prescription to heal insomnis contains the following ingrediens:
1. thinking and desiring less;
2, lighting eating and drinking;
3, letting go of worldly(secular) thoughts;
4. balancing activities and rest.
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