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Your sincere heart and your own understanding of Dao are the most important aspects in cultivation. Wisdom is gained through experiencing your real life and trying to improve your self. For instance, when encountering a problem, how to solve it properly requires wisdom. Put what you have learned into practice and then you can make a difference in your life.

A devotevd cultivator should understand that hardship is part of life. The more you do, the more you fulfill your vows. Therefore, people who cultivate Dao and who propagate Dao should have no complaints or regrets.

To cultivate Dao you need to seize the opprtunity. If you miss the moment, you wull not have a second chance. When the opportunity comes, grasp it quickly and accurately. This is Dao, because at this moment, you are single-minded.

1. Holy Teacher, expect all my disciples to do this: when you encounter incompletion or imprfetion(deviations from Dao), do your best to make it complete and perfect (conform to Dao). Start from achieving small completions; end in big perfection. Start from little things, and strive for perfectin with this principle, "Praise others' merits but humble your own. Admit your own faults instead of critizing others'." Do not slander or criticize when you see only a small part of the whole picture, that will only lead to trouble and make things worse.

Almighty God allows the propation of Dao not for people to learn conjuration, theurgy, or some strange and mystifying things, but to tell you directly that you are a Buddha.
Self-Nature is in yourself. It is invisible. My discies, do your own thorough research and you'll finn out that the past sages, saints, and the founders of the world's greatest religions all reached perfection by fulfilling their daily responsibilities. You need to have your feet planted on the solid ground. Don't just live in a vague ideal dream of cultivation.
What does it mean to live in a dream of cultivation? is to fulfill one's duties faitihfully, without complaint. Do not compare yourself with others. Do what you can do. Heaven is faiir; God will not treat you with less than what you deserve. When your time comes, naturally others will affirm you. Unless you stand on solid ground, and really devote yourself, you will not get any affirmation.
Emotions are capricious. How do you make your germinating heart remain constant? If you want to keep your faith, you have to carry it out and practice it constantly. Through constant practice, you may encounter frustrations, failures, or maybe senses of success.
However, if you get back on your feet after falling down, your faith will become stronger and firmer then before; in this way you can maintain constancy and persistency of your Buddha heart. Do you understand this? Why would sages always preach: Knowing wituout doing is in vain.
Doing without planning is too reckless. When you have a belief, or a kind thought, how do you fulfill it? It cannot be accomplished in two or three days. It takes constant practices throughout your life achieve success in cultivation. Not until the lid is laid on one's coffin, can one's achievements be evaluated!
Neither the earth nor the underworld is your home. You come to the earthly world with a mission. Do not imporoperly belittle or underestimate yourself. It is your responsibility to propagate Dao on behalf of Heaven. Why? Because you were born by Heaven and nurtured by earth; The grace of heaven and earth and the greace of your parents are the greatest among all the favors you have received in life.