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How to manage your Emotions 如何管理自己的情绪

Maitreya buddha

Learn well and recite the sutras often. When you undrestand the sutras completely, you will have a clear understand and your mind will be opened.

Do not tie to many knots in your hearts.
Be happy and learn from Maitreya Buddha. Always be happy; then your eyebrows will not tie into a knot on your brow. People's destinies are written on their faces. To always have a smiling face will change your fate for the better.

How to hold your temper? First, take a deep breath. Because, when you are angry, it is very easy to pour all your anger onto others and inflict damage on both your sides.

Therefore, take a deep breath when you get angry. You will feel better as the budding anger is swallowed with the breath. Thwarting or deterring anger when you are really angery is not qn easy thing to do, but to let the air and emotion out is much easier.
Now let us learn how to "let the air out;" Let the damaging anger and grudges out with breathing so that you will not gt hurt and others will not be so unfortunate as to fall victime to it.
To let your anger out with breathing is a good thing, but hold it in needs lots of effort. As long as you put in the effort to hold your temper you will be able to thwart or deter your anger.

Then everything will be peaceful and harmony. This is a 'holdin and breatheout' cultivating exercise. When you have negative and damaging emotions inside, practice this exercise so that you can remain healthy and others will not get hurt.
Be relaxed, affirm and admire yourself, and things will be great.

Happiness lies in contenment; discontent leads to many worries.

What should you do when facing the things that are going against your wishes?

Take a step backward and you will see the vastness of the ocean and the sky. A tranquil heart leads to harmony. As you remain tranquil and not seek fame or welth, you can see truth, and remain purehearted and desire-less. People's desires can never be completely is a gloomy city full of depression. When there are sorrows and sadness within, if you are not aware of them, cannot understand and dissolve them or make adjustements, you are only huriting yourself and damaging your heart. The world is big complicated and unpredictable. You should face it with a peaceful heart and cheerful disposition. Then you can adjust yourself to circumstances and cope with changes, turn big problems into smaller issues and solve them.

A happy person ia a person who does not possess a lot but rather is one who haggless less. This means you needs to open your heart to accommodate everything.

As long as you have a thankful heart, everyone will live very happily.

I want to teach you another "QI-GONG"(energy exercise). Open your mouth and from your heart let out with shouting the bad "Qi/air/emotion" such as anger, grudges and discomfort, Shout loudly to let them out. Extricate the bad and damaging "Qi", but do not infect others.
How to dissolve them? Contemplate and ponder on them. To achive the desired result. You have to experience and comprehend it by yourself.
Happiness is giving. Worry id demanding.
To be a little happier is a kind of contribution and also a fortune.

To store bitterness inside your heart is real suffering. You can be happy at all times if do not keep bitterness in stock, and you can become the best of the best.
If you willing to obtain happines, show a heart of righteousness. Then you are bound to be happy every day.

Think of the yourself and others. Think of the reasons why you are not happy, then you will become cheerful and happy.
菩薩. WRITTER: Buddhas